Jammies for June

Join Dame Valerie Adam's Jammie Army!

I'm working with Middlemore Foundation to warm up winter for 15,000 kids. Too many children are being admitted to Kidz First Hospital with respiratory illnesses because they live in cold damp houses. Let's put an end to this.

Jammies will be given to children at Kidz First and the 76 primary schools the Foundation support through the Mana Kidz School Health programme.  The Hospital and School Nurses are bracing for a tough, busy winter and knowing we can give a child in their care a warm pyjamas will make such a difference.

Join my Jammie Army!

How to join our Army

Put a virtual pair of Jammies on the line

This will get new pyjamas and other essential  winter warm-up items  to a child in hospital or living in a cold damp home

Form a Jammie Squad

Become a Jammie fundraiser and drop-off centre! Register below and start collecting PJs from now until the end of June. Our tips and tricks have all the info you need to get started.

Buy Jammies

Bring your Jammies to Middlemore Foundation

Put a pair of Jammies on the line
and warm up a child this winter

It’s going to be a tough winter for many kids in our community, your
donation will keep them toasty warm.

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How it Works

1. Gift a donation

And a child in need will receive the winter warm-up boost they need!

2. Put the Jammies on the line

Your Jammies will automatically appear on the line with your name and personalised message.

3. You’ve helped make a child warm!

Thank you!


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